Rental Assistant Demonstration Program Conversion

In 2020, after more than four years of planning, the Mechanicville Housing Authority (MHA) achieved a milestone in its 70 plus year history by converting its Developments from Public Housing to a Section 8 Project Based Assistance Platform under HUD’s Rental Assistance Demonstration Program. The key benefits for converting to RAD include:

  • Preserving the existing affordable housing stock with a predictable HUD rental subsidy
  • Increase access to private capital for renovations or redevelopment;
  • Streamline administration of HUD programs and improved housing options for all MHA Residents

The RAD Program Conversion is directly tied to the goals of the MHA’s Strategic Plan and has resulted in placing the MHA on a much more stable, reliable and secure financial platform promoting organizational sustainability.

Additionally, MHA residents under the RAD Conversion maintain the same basic rights as they possess in the public housing program, continue to pay 30% of their adjusted income towards rent and gain a new option to request tenant-based assistance if they wish to subsequently move from the converted property.

To learn more about RAD click on the following link:

Rental Assistance Demonstration Program (