Senior Pop-up Food Pantry

Did you know for over one year in partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York the Mechanicville Housing Authority hosts a monthly pop-up food pantry for Seniors and families with disabilities, residing at its two sites, who need additional food support. Each household is eligible to receive a wide variety of free produce, dairy, meat or poultry and non-perishable items at no cost delivered right to their door.

The Pop-up Food Pantry operates the second Friday of each month.

For Seniors living on fixed incomes that is stretching less and less combined with rising costs and inflation going up and up making it all that much harder to stay afloat the Pop-up Food Pantry serves as an additional means for making cost of living a bit easier.

The Pop-Up Food Pantry also promotes at its core Community and Service helping to alleviate food insecurity.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact the MHA Office.