Voucher Portability

Outgoing Vouchers

Current Voucher holders who are residents of the City of Mechanicville, may “port” their Housing Choice Voucher outside of MHA’s jurisdiction. However, if your name comes up on the waiting list and you are issued a Voucher and you reside outside of MHA’s jurisdiction, you must utilize the Voucher within the MHA jurisdiction for at least 12 months before porting out.

Participants may not port out if they are in violation of family obligations or if they owe a balance to MHA or their Landlord.

For Admission to the Voucher Program, a family must be income eligible in the area where the family initially leases a unit with assistance under the program. If an applicant family exercises portability, the income limit of the receiving Public Housing Authority is used.

Please note, do not move before getting approval from the MHA and completing all of the Portability paperwork. Failure to do so may result in loss of your voucher and cause you to be responsible for your full rent payment.

Incoming Vouchers

Program participants wishing to transfer their Voucher to the MHA or to move to the City of Mechanicville should notify their Housing Counselor in their hometown for guidance on doing so.

The Housing Authority where they currently live should send all Portability paperwork to:

The Mechanicville Housing Authority
2 Harris Avenue, Suite 1
Mechanicville, New York 12118
Phone: 518-664-9897
Fax: 518-664-9834