Report Program Abuse/Fraud

We place a high priority on Program integrity – preventing fraud and assuring that Housing Assistance Payments are paid only on behalf of qualified and eligible participants. It is the policy of the MHA to encourage staff, program participants, and the public to report possible program abuse.

Program abuse or fraud refers to a single act or pattern of actions that constitute a false statement, omission, or concealment of a substantial fact, made with the intent to deceive or mislead.

If you would like to report someone you feel is committing housing fraud you may:

  1. Simply complete the form below and click “Submit”. Your report will quickly and discreetly be reviewed and appropriately handled.
  2. Place a call to directly to us at 518-664-9897.
  3. Visit our Administrative Office located at 2 Harris Avenue, Suite 1, Mechanicville, New York 12118.

Please note the information you provide will be gathered in the strictest of confidence. Please be specific and include the facts to back up your claim; information that’s too vague or cannot be supported can result in a closed report, without any action taken.

Learn more about the consequences of committing fraud when Applying For Hud Housing Assistance »

Thank you for assisting the MHA in combating Program Abuse and Fraud.

    MHA reserves the right to act or not to act on any information provided unless required by law. MHA is not required to disclose its response or actions taken relevant to information that may be provided or reported. The intentional misreporting of information may be subject to criminal investigation.