Residential Developments

The Mechanicville Housing Authority’s (MHA) residential developments provide affordable housing to eligible, moderate to low-income families which may include elderly individuals, families with children or disabilities, veterans, victims of domestic violence and those facing housing instability or experiencing homelessness.

Our residential Developments consist of 160 units in the City of Mechanicville located at two sites, John S. Moore Homes (120 units) and Davenport Estates (40 units).

John S. Moore Homes

Located: Harris Avenue, Mechanicville, NY 12118

John Moore Homes-Mechanicville, NY

Our first development, John S. Moore Homes, contains 120 units with 56 one bedroom, 40 two bedroom, 18 three bedroom and 6 four-bedroom apartments to fit various family and individual needs. This development underwent three different phases of construction before completion. In 1952 the first nine buildings consisting of 60 family units were built. In 1960, 3 additional buildings were added to the site containing 36 one and two-bedroom apartments. The final growth phase was in 1966 when 2 buildings with 24 one-bedroom apartments to meet the needs of the Elderly were constructed.

Heat and hot water are provided through a central system and is included in rent. The apartments have the distinctive features of quality housing such as hardwood floors, large closets and kitchens equipped with a range and refrigerator. Washer and electric dryer hookups exist in all handicap accessible units as well three- and four-bedroom apartments. One and two-bedroom apartments are equipped with washer hookups only. The site includes a spacious Community Room for resident use and meeting space, basketball court and playground area for children. Minutes away from a host of city services such as the grocery and convenience stores, post office, banks, City Hall and Mechanicville City School District Elementary School and Junior/Senior High School, etc.

Davenport Estates

Located: Round Lake Avenue, Mechanicville, NY 12118

Davenport Estates-Mechanicville, NY

Davenport Estates, constructed in 1982, has 6 residential family buildings with 25 one-bedroom, 10 two-bedroom, and 5 three-bedroom apartments. There is also a stand-alone Community Room Building for residents gathering space and needs. The units are modern and spacious containing a full range of residential amenities including, range and refrigerators, washer and dryer hookups, private front and rear entrances, private yard and patio areas, outside storage space, ample parking and green space. The site also has a playground for children, basketball court, pavilion area with picnic tables and charcoal grills and a Community Garden where residents can grow their own food and flowers. Also centrally located in the City and walking distance to numerous city services including the grocery and convenience stores, post office, banks, City Hall, Mechanicville City School District Elementary School and Junior/Senior High School, etc.